Alexandria Virginia Speeding Ticket Laws

Every state in the US has traffic rules. These rules differ in every state. If you are driving on the road in a public place and are crossing the speed limit, it means you are committing a crime. It is punishable by law to cross the speed limit. You should remember that Virginia takes speeding very seriously. If you are on the road and are involved in an accident or a DUI, you should know the rules and regulations. Speeding is a term which describes speeding at certain places where there is a speed limit. Not every road or place has the same speed limit. For example, in an area where there are schools, the speed limit may be 10 Mph. In an open road or a highway, it may be 50 Mph. So, you need to see the speed limit boards and then drive. However, if you are part of speed ticketing, you should take help from our expert DUI attorneys. These attorneys at SRIS law group can help you with reducing the fines. Having a ticketing lawyer is very important and will help you in most cases. It is, however, important to know the Alexandria Virginia speeding ticket laws.

Speeding ticket laws in Virginia

In Virginia, you may have to pay $6 for every mile that you cross over the speed limit. The speed limit ticket will rise to a value of $7 if you are over speeding in a school area or a work zone. The fee or fine increases to $8 if you over speed in the residential area. The speeding rules and punishments are very strict in Virginia. Besides this penalty, there is a $200 ticket on over speeding. It is a very large sum. Having an expert ticketing lawyer can help you reduce this penalty.

Make sure that you have a driving license. If you are driving without a license, it can also cause you problems and tickets. But when you have a speed ticketing lawyer from SRIS law group, he can help you reduce the fine in such cases. The lawyer may also ensure that you do not have to pay the penalty at all.

Taking help from lawyers

There are many times when the traffic police charge you with reckless driving. It can happen if you are crossing the speed limits. The fine for reckless driving is three years fine. If you think that you were not driving recklessly, you should hire a lawyer. It may be a mistake by the traffic police, or they spot someone else and think it was you. In such cases having a traffic attorney is a must. Your lawyer should know all the Alexandria Virginia speeding ticket laws. We will help you get out of the traffic or ticketing trouble in no time. Make sure that you hire an expert lawyer.