Class 5 felony

It is always scary to be charged with scary experience, and people who know the consequences of the crime gets even more scared. There are different types of criminal charges in Virginia that are faced by individuals who are convicted of any type of crimes. These crimes are either categorized into the felonies and the misdemeanors. The felonies and misdemeanors are further categorized into different depending on the intensity of the crimes. The felonies are ranked from one to six out of which class 5 felony VA.  The higher the class of the charge the less serious the charge for the convicted individual. Moreover, there are some rights which cannot be enjoyed by the individual once the person is convicted of the crimes that are linked with the class felony crimes. These rights include the owning a firearm, running the office in state and appointment in the armed forces.

A conviction of the felony of classes of Virginia has the consequences more than the time of the prison and the fine. If the person is convicted of the felony, then is it seen what class of felony is it. Class 5 Felony is a serious crime in Virginia, but it is included as the lowest classification of the felonies by the making it possible to avoid the imprisonment in some states. The class 5 crimes are also known as a wobble in some of the cases because the individuals who are charged of it can be sentenced as either the misdemeanors or felonies. No matter how much effort is made by the lawyers the confinement in jail for this class is at least one year, but the fine is not more than $2500.

Class 5 Felonies

The punishment that is given to the individual who is convicted of class 5 felony is not less than one year, but it is also not less than one year. If the individuals are convicted of the same crime twice than it becomes difficult for the lawyer to defend the person from the punishment that comes along with this class. It is necessary to hire a skillful lawyer who has the experience of fighting these type of cases in the past to make sure that the individuals will be able to get out of the case as soon as possible.

If the individual is convicted of the class 5 felony, then he has to spend one to ten, and the fine can include almost $2500. It is not easy to face the felony without the charge without having an experienced lawyer on your side. There are lots of uncertainties that are linked with getting charged for the class 5 felony crime.

The individuals who are charged and arrested with this class of felony have the right to the jury trial of almost twelve jurors. It depends on the specific criminal charges of the person that they will be able to get out of the case or not. There are many lawyers in Virginia who can help the individuals convicted of the class 5 felony VA at every step of the process. Thus, our skilled and experienced lawyers in Virginia can be contacted for seeking help in such circumstances.