The Difference between A Good and Bad Realtor

The difference between a good and bad realtor is similar to investing your money somewhere with profitable returns or letting someone withdraw a huge sum of money from your funds without having the guarantee of payback. Now someone with sane mind would not let anyone withdraw money from them without getting anything back in return. The same happens when someone deals with good or bad realtor. Where a good realtor works hard for get a highest paying deal, the bad realtor just focuses on closing the deal without trying very hard to get good numbers for the owner of property. The difference between a good and bad realtor is somewhat prominent because a good realtor will definitely get you a deal with highest possible rates.

It is a fact that where an owner of the property can get up to $10,000 out of a good deal, the realtor only gets around 2.5% or 3% of this sum. This is the point where realtors can be differentiated into good or bad. The main point of difference between a good and bad realtor is the bad realtor does not plan for long term, instead he tries to get the deal closed as soon as possible so that he can jump onto his next deal without working much. Because from a bad realtor’s point of view, they are only working for a small amount of money as compared to what the owner is getting.

Being reliable, having best interest of the property owner, being ethical and honest are some of the points of difference between a good and a bad realtor. Where a good realtor have these attributes, a bad realtor is unbalanced emotionally whose plans are based on short term thinking, that is why a bad realtor does not put much effort into getting you the ideal deal for your property. One of the most important thing to notice about realtors is that having years of experience does not necessarily make them good. They can still be horrible at their job. So while going to choose a realtor, experience may be one of the attributes to consider but the final decision of choosing a realtor must not be solely based upon having experience.

Similar to experience the difference between a good and bad realtor cannot be pointed out based on the fact that they are part of the National Association of Realtors. Where every member of association is known for being active part, it is not necessary that each one of them do their job honestly. A good realtor, although knows that he will get paid only 2.3% to 3% of the deal he secured, but he plans for long term so that he can establish good business relationship for future. Not only this, but a good realtor also seeks to grow constantly by keeping a close eye on market so that he can secure the best possible deal for you.