DUI in Virginia

DUI or driving under the influence in Virginia is considered a criminal offense and is committed when a person drives a motor vehicle after consumption of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicants. Enhanced level of alcohol in the blood of the driver can lead to reduced mental and motor reaction which can consequently diminish the ability of a driver to maintain control over the vehicle. This significantly increase the risk of making judgment errors while driving and mostly results in traffic accidents. Under the law of Virginia, the BAC (blood alcohol content) limit is predefined at 0.08 percent. Any person holding a Virginia driving license automatically consents for being tested if pulled over by a patrol officer while driving. This is recognized as the law of implied consent and can be implemented by the patrol office to evaluate your BAC level by testing your breath or blood in case you have been stopped for the suspicion of driving under influence. A refusal for a Breathalyzer test or a blood test can lead to a suspension of driving license for a period of up to 12 months. Moreover, DMV demerit points will be added based on the intensity of the situation and the number of times you been charged for a DUI offense.

It is completely against the law in the state of Virginia to drive under the influence with a BAC level of more than 0.08. The limit of 0.08 percent is the standard for the impaired driver across the United States. Moreover in Virginia the limit of BAC is further lower for commercial drivers at 0.04 percent and for drivers under the age of 21 at 0.02 percent. The DUI law of Virginia also forbids to drive under the influence of controlled substances and prescribed medication, which may impair the ability of a driver to navigate in a safe manner. The arrest against a charge of DUI can lead to a mandatory court appearance and it is not advisable to appear in front of judge and prosecutor with a charge of DUI in Virginia without being represented by a DUI lawyer. The charge of a DUI without a legal support can lead to conviction resulting into fines and license suspension and in severe circumstance the conviction may lead to a jail sentence. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a DUI lawyer based in Virginia to assist you better with the familiarity of the state’s laws for DUI.