Felony Class 6 Virginia

In the past, the laws and regulations in Virginia were at risk of the charging prison sentences and fined to individuals, which was later abolished by the state legislature due to the variety of reasons. The sentencing commission created by legislature made amendments in crime punishments. The legislature consisted of attorneys, judges, law enforcement officials, and lawmakers. Their efforts resulted in the classification of punishments for crimes on the basis the severity and harm resulted due to crimes.

If you are charged with the crime in Virginia, you are likely to be charged with the felony crime or with the misdemeanor. The misdemeanor is considered as less severe offenses; therefore, there is the less severe sentence for individuals charged with a misdemeanor. Individuals charged with misdemeanor might be charged to spend less period or no time in jail and considerably no fine. On the other hand, the felony crimes with harsher sentences, which might include heavy fines and long prison terms.

Considering laws and regulations of Virginia, individuals directly involved in crime, or the one, who has provided assistance in crimes, can be charged due to the felony. The degree of crimes is considered in terms of seriousness; therefore, the laws of Virginia provides right to jury trial in case of felonies. The misdemeanor and felony result in the creation of the permanent criminal record of individuals, having the negative influence on their entire life.

In Virginia, a felony is classified into six classes, ranging from class 1 to class 6. The felonies are classified based on the severity of crimes. Class 6 felonies in Virginia are just one-step above misdemeanors. The felony Class 6 Virginia carries prison sentence within a range of one year to five years in the prison. The felony Class 6 Virginia might also include jail sentence for the period of 12 months, depending on the nature of the crime. In addition, felony Class 6 Virginia might also result in fine for up to $2,500.

The felony Class 6 Virginia is considered as the least serious felonies and referred to as wobblers, resulted due to a misdemeanor conviction. The crimes, which are included in class 6 felony, include repeat larcenies, violation of a court order, reckless endangerment, and animal cruelty. The felony Class 6 Virginia might be based on the single offense for the amount more than $200. The felony might also be based on the amount less than $200 if the individual possesses two prior larceny convictions.

When charged with a felony, it is essential to understand the parameters and factors, which form the basis of classification of a felony. It is also crucial to the contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for building a defense against the felony. If you think that you are guilty of the crime, you could select many procedural, constitutional, and some other defenses. The defense is carried out for dismissing the charges and declaring the crime as the less severe offense. Due to the strong defense, the felony can also be considered as the misdemeanor. Considering the context of different classes of felonies, the crimes included in class 6 felony are more likely to be considered as the misdemeanor. In this regard, it is crucial to select the most competent lawyer for strengthening your defense.