Hopewell Virginia Traffic Court

Regardless of the harsh traffic rules and laws in Virginia, number of traffic cases are higher in Hopewell Virginia traffic court. Due to the increasing fares of the airplane tickets, most of the people prefer road trips while going for holidays in Virginia which is also considered as the most common cause of accidents and other reckless driving cases. In Virginia, there are harsher laws for traffic crimes due to some reasons, firstly, to show the willingness to ensure the safety of the residents and secondly, the traffic offenses contain the financial benefits as they possess higher amount of fines.

There are several types of crimes which are dealt in Hopewell Virginia traffic court such as reckless driving, speeding, driving under influence and hit and run cases. In some of the traffic charges, the person does not have to show up in the Hopewell Virginia traffic court as these charges are of simple nature. In these cases, if the individual is not able to show up in the court then the lawyer can proceed the case in the absence of his client with the permission of judge. These charges are simple speeding charges or some specific cases of reckless driving.

Reckless driving offenses are when the individual is involved in driving with the speed of 20 miles per hour more than the applicable speed limit or above the 80 miles per hour. In reckless driving offenses the Hopewell Virginia traffic court can charge the individual with class one misdemeanor in which the person will be punishable for up to one year imprisonment and up to $2,500 penalty. Furthermore, the driving license of the accused person can also be suspended in severe cases.

In the hit and run cases the individual gets accuse for fleeing from the site of accident. According to Virginia laws, the driver and the passengers have the responsibility to stay at the point of accident if they are involved in causing damage to someone’s property or has caused injury or death of a person. In causing damage to the property of up to $1,000, the driver and the passenger will be charged for lass one or four misdemeanor in which the person will be punishable for six to 12 months imprisonment and the penalty of up to $2,500 depending upon the circumstances.

In the severe cases of hit and run which include the death or injury of the individuals, the court charge the driver with class five felony which include the imprisonment of up to 10 years. However, if the passengers are involved in the similar cases, then they are charged with class six felony which involves with the prison of five years.

Moreover, the speeding can also result in increasing the demerit points on your license and when these points reach their limit then the Hopewell Virginia traffic court will suspend your license. Therefore, if you are involved in any type of traffic accident or any other charge, then it is necessary to contact with the lawyer who is experienced in dealing with the traffic charges. The lawyer can assess the case and can find the possible ways to prevent you from severe punishments.