How a Lawyer can make or break the child custody case

Child custody means to have legal right to control and care the child. If both the parents going to separate then custody and right of visitation of child are quite significant concerns. In most of the cases, children spend their complete life with the parent who has custody.

How a Lawyer can make or break the child custody case

To claim custody of the child, single parent or both the parent may concern to the court. The court considers certain factors in the custody case of a child and these factors are quite helpful for a lawyer in the breaking and making of child custody case. These factors are:

  1. Relationship between child and the parent

Here the lawyer can make or break his case on the basis of past, present, and potential future relationship of patents with children. If the child is closed to the client and client require custody then this point will make his case.

  1. Interrelationship and interaction of Child with parents, siblings, and others who may affect child’s interest

This factor focus on all those individuals who are connected to the child such as siblings, other family members, or any other close relative or friend. The statement of these individuals for child and parents can also help a lawyer in making and breaking of a case.

  1. Child adjustment to home and school.

The social and personal life of child and child behavior in different situations and school and home also helpful for a lawyer fighting for custody of child.

  1. Child age, maturity, and decision-making power

If the child is mature enough to take decision then the lawyer can easily lose or win the custody case. However, if the child is minor then the case will make or break on rest of the factors

  1. Physical and Mental health of all involved individuals

The ill emotional and physical health of each parent provides an efficient chance to make his case for custody. Although, in case of strong competent parents, lawyer will face different hurdles.

  1. Parent leniency toward other parent

The court also focuses that which parent is more concern to child and value child’s need for both parents and set aside their personal issues for the sake of his/her child. Therefore, the lawyer may use this factor as strong support for making or breaking of case.

  1. Any parent who tries to delay case, persuade court in giving a legal decision making or cause any other hurdle

If a parent tries any act to delay case or that waste time of court than it will break the case of the client because of their non-serious behavior.

  1. Any sort of Child abuse or domestic violence

These factors also impact on the child custody case. If any parent favors or does these abusive act then their case will be break automatically.

  1. Any parent is convicted of act of child abuse or neglection

In such condition, the case will be break easily and the opposite client’s lawyer will make his case and use this point for the favor of his client.