Reckless Driving Jail Time in Virginia

It is the responsibility of everybody to drive safely in Virginia. This also requires all vehicle drivers to drive at a speed which is reasonable and prudent. If not, then you can be charged with a reckless driving jail time in Virginia for committing a reckless driving crime. As a consequence of this rule, State laws have imposed certain reckless driving jail time in Virginia. This can also apply if you operate your vehicle in an inappropriate way, for example:

  • Approaching or crossing an intersection or a railroad grade crossing at an inappropriate speed
  • Approaching and going around a curve
  • Approaching a hill crest
  • Traveling on any narrow roadway
  • Endangering pedestrian or other traffic on a highway or under weather conditions

Reckless driving jail time can vary, depending on the severity of the reckless driving crime or the level of offense. It can vary from 10 days, 20 days, a month to even a jail time of six months. The jail time would depend upon the level of an offense, which you have committed, for example, it could be under the first offense, second offense or the third offense.

Possible Reckless Driving Jail Time Scenarios

These level of offenses would be imposed, depending upon the severity of the crime or exceeding the speed limit, depending how much you have crossed over with the limitation. However, reckless driving jail time in Virginia would apply if the reckless driving crime is severe, for example, it would include driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or endangering the lives of those who are with you or driving alongside you

Reckless Driving jail time in Virginia can also be imposed if you are driving any vehicle in a speed competition or a contest, taking part in a race, which includes drift or drag, acceleration contest or to test the physical endurance of your vehicle. An exhibition of speed and acceleration, which also includes putting other’s lives at risk, can certainly put you in jail for reckless driving.

There are multiple racing scenarios, for which, reckless driving jail time in Virginia laws apply. These cases include highway racing, which is most common these days. Most commonly practiced in speed contest is drag racing. It is when two or more vehicles operate at an exceedingly fast speed from a point, side by side in a very competitive attempt to outrun or outdistance the other participants.

Most of the time, drivers lose control of their vehicles, which can possibly lead to car accidents or even crash. These speed contests usually involve many viewers and admirers coming to watch the show. For a possible car accident or car crash scenario, it would endanger the lives of many who are watching the contest at the scene, those who are driving alongside and the driver who is possibly the reason of causing the car crash.

To protect and safeguard the people who are involved in such situations, the law enforcement agencies have imposed strict reckless driving jail time to avoid such kind of incidents where people can possibly lose their lives.