Reckless Driving Penalties in Virginia

Reckless driving is considered a crime and cannot be treated as a traffic infraction. The state of Virginia emphasis on reckless driving laws in addition to the general understanding of reckless driving, there are other 13 specific reckless driving crimes, which can be charged in Virginia, These 13 particular reckless driving crimes include:

  1. Passing or overtaking an emergency vehicle with its siren
  2. Driving a vehicle under improper control with inadequate brakes, which do not function properly
  3. Overtaking a vehicle at a curve intersection or approach it from the top side of the road
  4. Driving a vehicle which is overloaded or loaded in a way which obstructs the driver’s view of the road or prevents him from properly controlling his vehicle
  5. Overtaking two vehicles, which are driving side by side and facing in the same way on the road
  6. Driving alongside two vehicles which are going in the same direction
  7. Passing or overtaking a railroad crossing at an exceeding speed
  8. Failing to stop your vehicle for a school bus which is either passing or is stationery
  9. Failing to give a proper and or adequate signal while turning, stopping or slowing down your vehicle
  10. Driving with an over exceeding speed on the road or on the highway
  11. Exceeding the speed limit by or over 20 mph or even the excess speed of 80 mph
  12. Failing to stop the vehicle at the entrance to a highway from the side way of the road
  13. Racing two or more than two cars on the road, parking space lot and on the highways which are open to the general public

Penalties Regarding Reckless Driving

Penalties regarding reckless driving may be subjected towards the severity of the crime. Reckless driving is considered as a Class 1 misdemeanor and can be charged with a fined offense. People can go to jail, lose their license for exceeding the speed limit of 90 mph and if a driver goes over 100 mph, then he or she can be sentenced to a jail. People get convicted with a specified jail time according to a mathematical formula, for example; you would serve two days in jail for every mph crossed over the speed limit of 90, and if you go over the speed of 100 mph, it would add an additional 30 days to the following total. So, if a person is convicted of driving with a speed of 94 mph then he or she is liable to spend 8 days in jail. Likewise, if a person drives at a speed of 101 mph, then he would be served with a jail time of 52 days.

Reckless Driving Penalties in Virginia

For every reckless speed crime committed, it gets recorded in the database. Some penalties also include loss of your job along with the commercial driver’s license and its security clearance. Such penalties can be sentenced if you are travelling at or over the speed limit of 80 mph.