Warren Virginia Drug Laws

Although several states across America are taking prompt steps to view, legalize or decriminalize marijuana and certain other drugs, Virginia is not one of these states. In fact, the juries as well as judges in most counties, including Warren, take a dim look at those individuals who face drug charges.

Additionally, the Northwest VA Regional Drug Task Force is seriously committed to suppressing selling, buying as well as consuming illegal narcotics. With the assistance of combined efforts and struggle of local, state, as well as federal agencies, the Drug Task Force is going to potentially pursue those individuals or groups who involve in manufacturing, distribution, or selling illegal narcotics that come within the domain of the Task Force region.

People in Warren, Virginia who are facing any kind of drug charges or even minor accusation must know as well as comprehend the significant punishments they will face if they are convicted, unfortunately. This is especially true as the state officials along with federal law enforcement authorities are potentially enforcing strict laws related to drug possession as well as the trading of drugs.

Keeping in mind all the above facts regarding drug abuse, it is critical to understand what could occur in the event of a conviction. A criminal defense lawyer with a solid background with extensive experience in aggressively defending drug charges can serve as a potential asset when you or any of your loved one face the charges related to the possession of marijuana commodity or any other drugs, or their distribution, cultivation or manufacturing.

One could suffer no less than fully five years’ incarceration, but not greater than forty years, when the individual for a first offense involves in the manufacturing, possession, distribution, giving or sale of Schedule I and II drugs, such as marijuana or cocaine with the primary intention to distribute or sell. Also, the fine charges will not be in any way greater than $500k. An individual involved in drug trafficking of 250 or more grams of cocaine base, 100 or more grams of heroin, 10 or more grams of methamphetamine, or 500 or more grams of cocaine could face a sentence of up to five years in prison besides a significant fine of no more than one million dollars.

Every situation is different. Therefore, in order to understand the particular situation of a crime involving any activity related to drugs, you should approach a well-versed criminal defense lawyer having an exclusive specialization or strong expertise in Warren, Virginia drug laws.

Always remember that court matters are always personal, and an attorney with whom you are hesitant to share your matters or who cannot retain your confidence should be left right away. Because a wrong lawyer can harm your case instead of defending it efficiently. Thus, you must retain such an attorney as soon as possible if you or your loved one is facing the charges or accused of the crime. While choosing a defense lawyer, consider your comfort level, his or her credentials, how the expert will charge you, and the courts they have been working with.