Why Wire Fraud-Federal Crimes?

What is Wire Fraud-Federal Crimes?

Everyone is aware of fraud crimes, but there are many forms of it which can be used to bring illegal benefits to the criminal. Wire Fraud-Federal Crime is one of that and one of the most famous in the United States of America. Wire Fraud can be done with many tools; Such as interstate wires, telesales fraud, telemarketing, spam schemes or related to it, or can phishing. Including Federal in between Wire Fraud Crime means that this is Federal Offense and will directly be interrogated or investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That does not exclude a criminal from state laws, and according to that, the charges will apply to the accused person.

Wire Fraud is a very vast lawbreaking way, which includes many ways to commit a crime. Any writings, signals or signs, or even picture or sound spread by the wire will fall under the category of Wire Fraud. Involving Federal prosecutors, in this case, means that the agency wants to put federal charges over the person, but all of the criminal charges are applicable if any of the mentioned state law gets broken. The case will continue as per the state law.

Essentials of Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is no different from the word fraud. What puts it in a different category is that the person who is doing the fraud using the telecommunication or any electronic device. Legally, wire fraud has four essential points;

  • The culprit created any scheme to defraud someone
  • The culprit defrauded with his intention
  • Doubting that the defendant used the wireless communication
  • It was clear that the culprit would use wireless communication

By wireless communication, means that anything like a telephone, fax machine or etcetera could be used. It also includes internet and even television.

What does the Law say?

The Federal Government shows absolutely no mercy over fraud or wire fraud charges. The State Law is very strict over this matter, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation F.B.I can directly capture the person who is found guilty or even accused of this crime. There are penalties fixed by the Federal Government for Wire Fraud, and it is cleared that if an organization is involved, that will be treated the same way.

  • For Individuals – Up to $250,000 max
  • For organizations – Up to $500,000 max
  • Maximum jail of 20 years

The Wire Fraud case can cause even more trouble if it is found in any financial state organization. Another special moment is when the case is presidentially declared major disaster. The fines can rise to a million US dollars, and the imprisonment can extend to 30 years. Now the interesting fact about the Wire Fraud is that if you have used phone, internet or any other telecommunication source, you will be given the charges as per mentioned; But, if you do it twice, means you have called someone two times then the charges will get double and you will have to pay $500,000 or spend 40 years in jail at max. Every time you make a call for wire fraud, you will be charged with a penalty of maximum $250,000 or the imprisonment in 20 years max.